Trending: Meal-Kit Subscriptions

In today’s day and age grocery shopping and planning ahead for dinner is becoming a thing of the past as meal kits are becoming the hot new trend for preparing dinner for your family. The best part about these meal-kit subscriptions is that they are sent all over the United States and all food products are organically farmed to perfection and freshness. How do they work? First you make an account, depending on which subscription you choose. Second, you put in your credit card information along with your delivery information. Lastly, you pick the meals you want to be delivered and schedule the desired days of the week you would like to receive your meals. The best part about subscribing to these meal-kit is that unsubscribing is as easy as one click and if you’re unsatisfied refunds on orders are accepted.


Not only are these meal kits convenient but, they are easy to prepare, healthy, and decently priced. According to the top three meal kit subscriptions for 2018 are Home Chef, Sun Basket and Hello Fresh. In St. Augustine the most popular meal-kit subscriptions that have had lots of traffic is Hello Fresh. Emily Mercer, a Flagler College student, gives her feedback about her experience with Hello Fresh. “I have been using Hello Fresh for a year now and my favorite thing about this subscription is that they always send coupons and discounts to your next order”, Mercer says. “Hello Fresh is great for college students who live off campus and very affordable”, Mercer adds. Another fun fact about subscribing to Hello Fresh is that when a subscriber recommends a friend, that subscriber gets 50% off their next order.


Hello Fresh has a great a variety on selection of savory meals. Along with variety the company also offers a wine subscription to those who love to indulge in new savory wines of all types. Like the meal subscription, the wines can be selected by subscriber or can be chosen if the subscriber would like to be surprised with their new wine. The wine is delivered monthly and can be delivered on a date of the subscriber’s choice. Jennifer Harrington, a St. Johns County mom of 3, says that she loves the selection of wines that Hello Fresh sends to her. “I am never disappointed in a bottle that Hello Fresh sends me”, Harrington says. She also explains that the pricing is relatively low for the amount of wine bottles that are sent. According to the Hello Fresh website, their monthly wine subscription comes out at a starring $83.00 per month. Not bad!


Hello Fresh really does stand out in comparison to other meal-kit subscription brands, but why? What makes Hello Fresh stand out from the others? Another Hello Fresh subscriber, Jacquline Williams, mother of 4, says that she has never has any issues with their customer service and her kids actually look forward to dinner. “The fact that my children are the pickiest eaters and are now eating things I never thought they would makes me smile, along with the fact that I am not over spending on groceries every week”, Williams says. Williams adds, “My 12-year-old daughter even likes to help me prepare the meals”. Overall Hello Fresh is changing the game for dinner – time for many families and individuals who enjoy savory dinners for a better deal than hitting up the grocery store three times per week.




5 Ways To Staying Fit in College



by Amanda Siviter

Being a college student can be tough, especially when it comes to watching the waistline and staying in your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Fitness experts give their top advice on how to keep your weight in check whether your a student or on a tight work schedule. We’ve got your back.


According to fitness inspirer and college, Jessie Wallace, wearing any stretchy material for pants leads to nothing, but more room for thunder thighs and a heavier number on the scale. This is due to the lack of reinforcement on your stomach, which keeps you from holding in your gut! It also can make you feel less full, preventing the urge to snack. “Invest in a few pairs of mid-to high waist jeans or pants that will keep you comfortable”, says Wallace. “If you want to lounge in your leggings do it after dinner”, she adds. So, before you think about wearing your yoga pants to class, take this into account. Being comfortable during a long day of classes makes life easier, so find pants that give you the same effect. Being comfortable during a long day of classes makes life easier, so find pants that give you the same effect.


Not only is this a good habit for after college, but eating on a time schedule teaches your body to metabolize food faster and keep your body in rhythm. Fitness influencer and gym owner, Jim White, tells his clients that eating each meal at the same time everyday is easier to remember. This is due to creating healthy routine, so you will never stress about your meal. “Routine is key”, White says. He also explains that it is also crucial to never eat past 7:00 p.m. and never skip breakfast. This is due to creating healthy routine, so you will never stress about your meal. “Routine is key”, White says. He also explains that it is also crucial to never eat past 7:00p.m. and never skip breakfast.


Nothing is worse then going to the grocery store on an empty stomach and not knowing what to buy as far as your fitness needs. Patty Adolphie, who is a well-known certified personal trainer, explains that when at the grocery store focus on keeping a high-protein diet that is incorporated with large quantities of vegetables. “Avoid bread, pasta, rice, chocolate, milk, and cheese at all cost”, Adolphie says. She also explains how going to the grocery store on a full stomach with help with grocery shopping more mindfully.


Working out is an essential part of a healthy body and brain. It relieves stress, especially for college students. Fitness Trainer, Savannah Mann, says that this has always been her rule for her clients. “I don’t care what you do for your workout, if you are sweating and not injuring yourself it counts”, Mann says. Being on campus all day can make it tough for students to get a workout in, but going for a 30 minute run can be just as effective as a 30 minute session on the elliptical.


Not only tequila a better choice health- wise, but there more benefits over beer. Calvin Klein Model, Aryton Hursey, explains that you are more likely to get a lasting buzz off of 2 shots of 2 shots of tequila versus drinking 4 beers. “If I know I have to stay trim for a photoshoot, but want to get tipsy with the gang, ill go straight to the tequila”, Hursey says.