Chop Shop Takes Butchery To The Next Level

By, Amanda Siviter – October 13, 2018

St. Augustine is introduced to its first artisan butcher shop, Chop Shop Artisan Butchery. This is not your ordinary butcher shop. Located on Anastasia Boulevard Chop Shop opened its door for the first time during late July of this year. They have been getting nothing but good business ever since. “The meat is catchier than its name and fresher than your local farmer”, says local resident Kelsee Russler. If you are a current resident who is familiar withe the resturaunts in the downtown district then The Preserved may sound familiar. Owner of The Preserved and head chef, Brian Whittington, made the decision to capitalize on a good-quality butcher shop. Whittington opened Chop Shop Artisan Butchery. The local butcher shop puts a spin off his restaurant but, with a southern-modern-French twist. Chop Shop offers the finest selection of meats and produce that Whittington also uses is his restaurant entrees. Whittington wanted to make his butcher shop special. He made Chop Shop into a full-scale butchery where retail customers can browse display cases and request special custom cuts.

“Instead of going to a supermarket, people want to know more and more where their food is coming from”, says Chop Shop’s manager and executive butcher, Tony Philpott. Chop Shop can be thought of as your old-fashioned neighborhood butcher that knows your name and order.

Chop Shop seems to be a novelty for many local residents and visitors. “If you have a chance to go into Chop Shop – go now.”, says an anonymous yelp review.

Whittington is winning the trend for the ages in the name of butchery and Chop Shop is taking on artisan butchery the way it should be, by doing it better.

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